Beau L'Amour Shares
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Louis L'Amour and the Legend of the West

Beau L'Amour Remembers the Life and Work of His Famous Father

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Excerpted from the introduction to Louis L'Amour's Lost Treasures: Vol. 2

Beau remembers the people and publishers that made his father famous while Louis made their business' a success. As a writer who was rarely at a loss for ideas and who had a powerful will to create, one of the few obstacles he had left was juggling the needs, and schedules, of his three publishers, Ace, Gold Medal, and Bantam. Louis' unprecidented desire to produce 3 novels a year led him to a hard won exclusive deal with Bantam Books and the rest as they say ... is history!


Join Beau L'Amour, Scott Brick and Jason Culp and spend an couple of hours discussing the creation of Audio Books and in particular their work on Louis L'Amour's YONDERING (updated Lost Treasures Edition) and his never before released first novel, NO TRAVELLER RETURNS. Jason and Scott read excerpts from the books and give real world, expert advice and inside insight on the process of creating best selling audio books while Beau shares the true life background and experience that inspired the creation of these stories.


Author to Author Interview

"Bill Kenower welcomes author Beau L'Amour to the show. Beau is a writer and entertainment industry jack-of-all-trades. He is the son of bestselling novelist Louis L'Amour and has managed his father's literary estate since 1988. Striving to maintain that legacy, he has done editorial work, revised unfinished manuscripts, managed a literary magazine and an audio/radio drama series, done art direction, been a comic book writer and producer and become an expert in marketing. In the years since his father passed away L'Amour has helped sell over 120 million books, nearly 5 million audio programs and placed a number of books of short stories (out of 16 posthumous collections) on the Best Seller lists. Should be awesome!"

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America's Fascination With the Western Genre Tells Us
Who We Are - and Who We're Not

From his father, Louis L'Amour, to 'Red Dead Redemption 2', Beau L'Amour unpacks why our fixation with the old West never went away.

Shortly after his father, Western author Louis L'Amour's death in 1988, Beau L'Amour found a large room filled with loose papers and books.

"There was just all kinds of incredible stuff. It was just piled up almost at random and there was kind of a little path about 14 inches wide that led to his desk," Beau said of what he found in L'Amour's writing room. "Then there was an area about four feet around where he could turn his chair around and stuff."

It's in that room where Beau found that one of the most prolific and popular writers of all time still had stories to tell.

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