Adventures in Education

Never a particularly good student or comfortable in school Beau has always been interested in how unconventional students learn and make the most of their educational opportunities. He has occasionally taught classes in film making and writing at places like: Northern Arizona University, Colorado College, University of Colorado Fort Collins, Santa Barbra City College, North Hollywood High School and Western Institute of Technology Taranaki.

More important is Beau’s involvement in Adventures of the Mind . . .

Adventures of the Mind

Adventures of the Mind is a mentoring and motivation focused camp for teenagers that Beau founded with Victoria Gray. From 2003 until 2015, Adventures inspired thousands of young people by placing them into both seminars and informal meetings with some of the world’s most inspiring minds. From sports stars and artists to over a dozen Nobel Prize winning scientists, the program allowed students to get up close and personal with people like: Herschel Walker, Amy Tan, Perry Chen, Murray Gell-Mann, General Charles Krulak, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Michael Shermer, Annie Duke, Sam Wang, Sheldon Glashow, Charles Simonyi, Eric Maskin, Frank Sulloway, Thaddius Russell, Jack Horner, Lisa Randall, Lt. Colonel Jacqueline Parker, Rita Dove, Dale Chihuly, Jaques d’Amboise, Carol Greider, Alvie Ray Smith, John Nash, Mark Moffat, Daniel Dennett, General John Shalikasvili, Nathan Myhrvold, Martin Chalfie, Zahi Hawass, Claudia Dreyfus, Jack Horner, Robert McCurdy, Larry Gonick, Robert Wilson, Elizabeth Blackburn, and Senator Patrick Leahy.

Mentors talk About Adventures of the Mind

Rita Dove '03
U.S. Poet Laureate 1993-1995
Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

Perry Chen '12
Co-Founder, Kickstarter Inc.

Steven Alan '12
Designer & Entrepreneur

Will Dana '12
Editor, Rolling Stone Magazine