Vice-President of Louis L’Amour Enterprises

- Product Concept Development (the creation of products), Ghost Writing (when necessary I have been Louis L’Amour), Editing (everything from commas to rewriting on 9 books of short stories, 6 novels, 1 non-fiction), Art Direction (cover art), and Marketing (designed marketing and ad campaigns).  Created or approved all products and packaging distributed under the L’Amour name through Random House Publishing 1988 thru today.  In this time sales amounted to approximately 100 million books (300 million books sold since 1955), 3.5 million audio tapes and CDs, with 4 “top 15” NY Times best-selling short story collections.

Designer and Co-Owner of

- An interactive and retail web-site selling over 300 products.

- Louis L’Amour’s Lost Treasures, a subscription site of L’Amour’s many articles, unpublished stories, notes, journals, correspondence and unfinished stories.

- Louis L’Amour Great Adventure, a guided tour through the stories, characters and times of Louis L’Amour’s work in the adventure genre.

Writer/Co-Executive Producer

- “The Diamond of Jeru” a two hour movie for USA Network.  Starring Billy Zane and Keith Carradine.  Filmed Queensland, Australia, spring 2001.


- “Shaughnessy” a two hour Series Pilot in partnership with Hill/Fields Productions for CBS.  Starring Matt Settle, Linda Koslowski, and Bo Hopkins.  Written by Bill Blinn (Roots, Brian’s Song) Filmed in northern California in 1998.

Bantam Audio Publishing

- Supervising Producer of all L’Amour Audio Programs since 1986 (over 70 as of Jan 2001).  These are produced in “old time” radio drama style with a complete script adaptation, large cast of actors, specially created sound effects, and music. 

- Writer/Director of several shows, and writer or rewrites on more than 20. Including “Son of a Wanted Man” a 2 1/2 hour dramatized adaptation of the novel with a cast of 27, specially recorded 24 bit sound effects, and score by Composer Phil Shenale.  You can find more info at  Most recently, "The Diamond of Jeru" in the same format … still in production.

Art Direction

- Monument Video Corporate Identity, Greg Manchess, Artist -- Certificate of Merit at  the 36th Annual Society of Illustrators Awards.

- Art Director of over 250 Video, Book, and Cassette Tape covers with award winning artists including Gregory Manchess, Gorden Crabbe, and Mike Grell.


- Most recently, a promotion to give away over a million books to the US armed services.

Radio Syndication

- Supervised the re-cutting, repackaging and national syndication to over two hundred and fifty radio stations of “Louis L’Amour Theater,” in 1993 and 1994.  Re-released in 2001 on World Space Satellite’s Imagination Theater and in North America by Transmedia, also Armed Services Radio.

Co-Owner with Dell Magazines

- “The Louis L’Amour Western Magazine,” a bi-monthly magazine of new western fiction.  Supervised operations and editorial Jan. 1994 – Jan. 1996.  Circulation 128,000.

Positions in Film Production

- For Finnegan / PinchuckFinnegan Associates as Story Analyst and then in production positions on the movies “Hoover,” (Showtime 1985) “American Harvest,” (ABC 1986) “Babes in Toyland,” (ABC 1986) and the TV series “The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd”

- For Symphony Pictures  post production troubleshooting on “Crosses on the Lawn” (CBS 1995).

- For Casablanca Productions Art Direction on the “Volvo 740 Intercooler” ad campaign (national).

- For Pegasus Group as Story Analyst and in production on the movie “Shadow Riders,” (CBS 1982) and various industrial films.

- Production Mixer on the Independent films, “Waiting to Act,” “Alone,” and “Curfew.”

- Sound Effects recording and design on the Independent film, “The Walter Ego.”

- Written un-produced film scripts for The Pegasus Group and Shields Entertainment.

- Developed projects with several production companies and for TNT and Republic that did not come to fruition.  Worked with Academy Award winning writers John Briley and Earl Wallace.


- BFA in Live Action Film from California Institute of the Arts, 1984.  Alexander Mackendrick, Mentor.

- Directors Master Class with Ted Post, UCLA.

- Acting with Janet Alhanti, and Harry Mastergeorge, Los Angeles.

- A great deal of listening to writers talk about what they do, the best of whom were; Ray Bradbury, Irving Stone, Will Henry, Ann Maxwell, Caroline See, Jean Auel, Shelby Foote, Jonathan and Faye Kellerman, Frank McCourt, George Lucas, and Steven Ambrose.

Other Interests:

- Actor, played small parts in “The Walter Ego” written by Scott Frank (Get Shorty, Minority Report) and Directed by John Putch, and “Tricks” Written and Directed by Iris and Jim Klein.

- Administered a Writing Internship program at UCLA, where students were taught the skills of audio writing and allowed to work on audioplays with our senior writers.  One student won a Audio Publishers Association award in 1994.

- Teaching,  Courses, Workshops, and Lectures on Dramatic Writing, Film Making, and Media History - Santa Barbara City Collage (1998), Colorado Collage School of Theater (1998, 2002,), North Hollywood High School (2000), Colorado State University Colorado Springs (2002), Ft. Lewis College (2003, 2004, 2005,) Western Institute of Technology Taranaki, New Plymouth, New Zealand (2004). Southwest Writers Institute, featured guest, panelist (2005), Northern Arizona University (2008, 2009, 2010,).

- Studied Diesel-Electric Submarine Design and Construction at Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum, Bremerhaven, West Germany and with Dr. Thomas Payne (Commander U.S.N. ret., and retired Director of N.A.S.A.), Santa Monica, CA.

- Owner, Wild Oats Recording Studio and Mastering Lab.

-  Partner in Mustang Service Center 1982 - 1984, a restoration garage for ‘60s vintage Ford automobiles.